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Muditva's Engagements

Smart EDL and VRC
Issuing & Personalization of Smart Card Based Electronic Driving Licence and Vehicle Registration Certificates in the States of Haryana and Jharkhand.
Speed Limiter Devices
Sales, Distribution & Services of Electronic Speed Limiter Devices in Commercial and Private Vehicles in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Haryana, Gujarat & Uttar Pradesh
Biometric Enrollment - AADHAR
Biometric Enrollment of Citizens to Generate & Create AADHAR Cards and Customization of the Data Base. Correction and Registration of New and Old AADHAR Cards along with VAS Services.
Health Cards
Issuing of Smart Card Based Health Card For Social Security and Healthcare Assurances. Implementations of Policy Milestones to Unorganized Workers Social Security Act with Objective to Provide Financial Protection for Healthcare.
EESL - Distribution
Distribution of LED Bulbs, Tubelights, Fans and Solar Roof Top Material to Save Power, Create and Sustain for Energy Effeciency India Limited.
Scanning & Digitalization
Scanning and Digitalization of Paper based Records and LRMS with Operator Effecient Design and Productivity. Automated Indexing, Meta Tagging, Document Processing to Complete Digital India Programme.