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Air Purification System - The MI Way!

The Muditva’s Air Purification is Used to treat Air Polluted by Traffic Exhaust Fumes and Interior Tobacco Smoke By Blending Natural Purification Action of Soil and Technology.

The MI Air Purification System exploits the full potential of Technology and Natural earth air purification action. Application to various urban facilities having open spaces for planting are envisaged.

Natural soil contains clay minerals and organic substances in which numerous soil microbes live, giving rise to biological activity. When this soil contacts a pollutant gas such as carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide, there follows a process of absorption onto the soil particle surface, dissolution by soil water, and absorption and decomposition by soil microbes, resulting in purification of the pollutant.

Key Controls


Process that allows for maximum flexibility in producing product in either high or low volume to satisify the customers ever changing requirements.

Eco System

Efficient and comprehensive method of operation that maintains MI in the forefront of providing the customer with what they need, when they need it, and at a competitive price.


Through Latest in electronic surface mount, Precise whole manufacturing methods and equipment combine for an efficient and high quality operation to Ensure Longitivity

Value Driven

All of our designs start with promise that we must provide our customers with the highest quality product providing the best value available in the world. These areas of discipline are engineering, marketing, customer service, production, and quality assurance

Mechanical Assembly

The mechanical assembly process has the latest in automatic and semi-automatic production methods and tools that are augmented by MI’s full array of in house CNC equipment that insures high standards of quality and 'just in time' manufacturing methods.

Quality Commitment

The Reason Behind Our Growth are MI's employees and our commitment to Quality . These dedicated individuals are committed to continuous improvements in their areas of discipline. These areas of discipline are Engineering, Marketing, Customer Service, Production, and Quality.

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