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Vision & Mission

Muditva’s Vision is to Maintain and Advance It’s Market Position achieved by Constantly Reaching for Growth & Innovation, while keeping to the Ethical Code that Guides the Company, and which is Part of Companies Cultural World View and Business Philosophy.

Innovation. Dedicated!!

To Promote a Culture of Outstanding Quality Service & Diverse products and to be Recognized as an Industry leader in the Area of Quality and to maintain as the Corner Stone of Business.

Being a Start Up in Service Segment, NPS Looks Forward to It’s Future and Success Years ahead which will be Achieved by Establishing a Leadership Position in Autotech Industry. The Company Strives to lead in Supporting Diverse Auto & Smart Card Industry needs based on It’s Accumulated Knowledge and Expertise.

Empower Employees For Continuous Growth!

Muditva is Proud of It’s Goals – Developed Together with It’s Employees – Who Serve as Personal Examples of the NPS Approach: Personal, Professional Service with Dedication & Loyalty. To Realize it’s Vision, Muditva Invests Strongly in it’s Employees, Since the Company’s Success is a Direct Result of their Achievements